Taking a trip

We have pulled our son from school 4 months ago due to bullying which school did nothing about. We were reading about homeschooling for several months before finally deciding to give it a go, we were sure it will be better for him.
And we were right. Days, weeks and months passed. We bonded, learned a lot together, he even got interested in sports so we signed him up for basketball.

The best part about having him home schooled is that we can take him to off season vacations. He doesn’t only read things without understanding as in school and just writes them down on a test. He experiences them, and by seeing how things work in practice he gets even more interested about learning.

Just lust week we took a trip to Washington and he was learning right under the monument about George Washington and kept asking so many questions about the man. He wanted to know exactly what an ordinary person like Washington dido in his life to be commemorated in such way.
Its one thing seeing pictures and its whole other thing to experience them. Sadly one of such important things is missing from education in schools. We are very happy to be able to spend so much time with our son and learn with him.

Written by Carl & Sarah,
parents who home school their son James with the assistance of an online tutor.


eLearning Technologies

In our last discussion we were talking about which elearning technologies we were using. I have decided to mention here three most talked about and describe how they can assist you.

The most spoken of program was Moodle. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. It is a free program that is easy to use and available in over 95 languages. It can be used on any device and assist all homeschooling parents with its flexibility.

Then there is Turnitin. A tool every educator should have in this day and age. This program compares your kids work for originality by checking, online grading and peer reviewing his work. Its the best tool there is to make sure your kids aren’t cheating their way through the assignments you provide them with.

Buying Kindle to save money. You can get many free educational books from and eReader and sometimes can find bundles of over educational books for only 30 dollars. The best thing about this is that even if you go to a vacation your kid can have access to all kind of books over just a small and cheap device.


Online Cooking Classes

In our last discussion we were talking about many different kind of online classes and how we could create one. It is very true that in this day and age a lot can be learned from the internet but it often includes too much time gathering the required information, and sometimes even costs quite a bit of money.
After a lengthy discussion we have decided to start working on Online Cooking eLearning, free website where we plan to post all recipients and detailed guide on how to prepare them. As this is a pretty big project I have created a category especially for it.

We can begin gathering the recipients we want to do straight away and talk further details on our next meetup.

Everyone who cares about themselves and their loved ones enjoys cooking something delicious, but cooking can be quite complicated and requires a lot of experience. Together we can provide many guides, recipes, tips and general information to public.
The biggest question remains if we are going to include making cooking videos to make it easier for readers to follow our recipients. Sometimes pictures and detailed descriptions aren’t enough so it would be great to have that.


Saving Money

In our last discussion we were talking about how to save money on homeschooling and general eLearning. These are some of the ideas we have found most helpful.

One of the easiest ways is to search online for free homeschooling materials such as games, printable worksheets, and flashcards.

Another way is attending a home school curriculum fair. Its a great way to find new resources, look through materials that interest you, and save money on purchases. It’s also a great way to receive discounts, and save money on shipping.

You can also look for used books and supplies at thrift stores, used book stores, garage sales, and online providers.
Go to a library and find out which resources are available at your local library, and which can be obtained through inter library loan.

Don’t forget to set a budget of how much you want to spend on materials before going to shop and make sure to stick to it.

Over time there will be many things you will need to be able to provide your child with everything it needs, just make sure to not confuse needs with things you simply want because they could slightly improve your results. If you are tight with your budget its important to always prioritize and search for cost effective ways to get the items you need.


Mental Effects

In our last discussion we were talking about the mental effects homeschooling might have on the mind of a child.

We were discussing about the initial shock when passing from school system to homeschooling. The kids no more have to prepare themselves to travel to school every morning, no need to carry huge bags around. There is no more peer pressure, competition, boredom, and bullies. There is no way to avoid doing their studies as the parents are always on top of things. All in all is a big change.
Suddenly the children have to spend much more time with their parents and which creates a closer family bonds.
They feel emotional, physical and educational freedom. Learning at their own pace, organizing their time, learning what about things they want to know.

One of the parents who was homeschooling their children from start said how his kids were intrigued by television shows or books that show happy, smiling kids in the school environment. But after a brief period in school system, the reality of school and the hours spent on homework, negative peer pressure and bullying caused a change of heart, and they returned to their former homeschool lifestyle. They appear to be truly grateful to be able to learn in freedom.

At the end we have concluded that home schooled kids really are happier and that the small amount of negative things mainly effects parents, such as financial and time restraints.