Learn Online For Free By Watching Netflix

With the popularity of e-learning on the rise, we do our best to explore every possible method of learning from different types of media. No two students are the same, so we have learned to value all possible resources that may help a learner fully comprehend and absorb new material. Particularly in the case of home schooled students, online visual material such as movie and video streaming can be especially useful. In a traditional school setting, students have always loved […]

beard oil

Beards-A Learning Opportunity

The other day during our weekly discussions a fellow home school parent was telling us about how she uses her children’s interests to guide their weekly lesson plans. Her children were asking about different types of facial hair and why their daddy has a beard so she came up with a lesson plan for a whole day that involves beards.  She had her twelve year old write a short story about how to take care of beards while the two younger children […]