Learn Online For Free By Watching Netflix

How to watch Netflix overseas

With the popularity of e-learning on the rise, we do our best to explore every possible method of learning from different types of media. No two students are the same, so we have learned to value all possible resources that may help a learner fully comprehend and absorb new material. Particularly in the case of home schooled students, online visual material such as movie and video streaming can be especially useful.

In a traditional school setting, students have always loved when the teacher brings in a video as the learning material for the day! So, why not use the same approach with your home schooled student? Online streaming sites like Netflix can offer hundreds of options for educational material covering a huge range of topics. Additionally, home educators all around the world can even watch Netflix overseas using a VPN, so any student in any country can reap the benefits of watching educational movies online.

What types of material might you want to present to a home schooled child? Well, just pick a subject and there’s most likely a high quality learning experience waiting in the Netflix library.

For example, National Geographic offers hours of material available on Netflix, from cultural exposés to histories of ancient civilizations to amazing footage from outer space. Planning a geography lesson for the day? Check out BBC Earth‘s critically acclaimed Blue Planet series, which features some of the most breathtaking nature videos ever captured.

Home schooled children will happily spend a fun filled afternoon of learning with Scholastic’s ever popular Magic School Bus series, while older children and even teenagers always love the mad scientist antics of Bill Nye the Science Guy. And learners of all ages, including adults and educators, can relate to the awe of deep space and the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey series.

Here at eLearning Forum, we believe that students of any age and any stage can find something new and interesting to learn, so why not try online video streaming to find relevant, high quality educational material? If your home schooled student is a young child, don’t forget that you can also set content maturity restrictions to help make sure they don’t end up watching material that’s inappropriate for their age.

We’d love to hear from any educators that have seen positive results with this approach or with similar learning methods, so please feel free to contact us if you have a success story to share!

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