Mental Effects

In our last discussion we were talking about the mental effects homeschooling might have on the mind of a child.

We were discussing about the initial shock when passing from school system to homeschooling. The kids no more have to prepare themselves to travel to school every morning, no need to carry huge bags around. There is no more peer pressure, competition, boredom, and bullies. There is no way to avoid doing their studies as the parents are always on top of things. All in all is a big change.
Suddenly the children have to spend much more time with their parents and which creates a closer family bonds.
They feel emotional, physical and educational freedom. Learning at their own pace, organizing their time, learning what about things they want to know.

One of the parents who was homeschooling their children from start said how his kids were intrigued by television shows or books that show happy, smiling kids in the school environment. But after a brief period in school system, the reality of school and the hours spent on homework, negative peer pressure and bullying caused a change of heart, and they returned to their former homeschool lifestyle. They appear to be truly grateful to be able to learn in freedom.

At the end we have concluded that home schooled kids really are happier and that the small amount of negative things mainly effects parents, such as financial and time restraints.


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  1. Clarice says:

    I have same experiences, my daughter Miranda seems much more happy since she is homeschooled. I thought we might end up arguing during studying time but she seems to be having a lot of fun learning this way.

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