Online Cooking Classes

In our last discussion we were talking about many different kind of online classes and how we could create one. It is very true that in this day and age a lot can be learned from the internet but it often includes too much time gathering the required information, and sometimes even costs quite a bit of money.
After a lengthy discussion we have decided to start working on Online Cooking eLearning, free website where we plan to post all recipes and detailed guides on how to prepare them. As this is a pretty big project I have created a category especially for it.

We can begin gathering the recipes we want to do straight away and talk further details on our next meetup.

Everyone who cares about themselves and their loved ones enjoys cooking something delicious, but cooking can be quite complicated and requires a lot of experience. Together we can provide many guides, recipes, tips and general information to public.
The biggest question remains if we are going to include making cooking videos to make it easier for readers to follow our recipes. Sometimes pictures and detailed descriptions aren’t enough so it would be great to have that.


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  1. Megan says:

    This sounds fantastic, any idea when the website will be launched?

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