Online Learning For Trades

Trades such as construction, electricians, and locksmiths are an ever-changing and vibrant field. With increasing demand for workers in these areas, online and blended courses can give apprentices the flexibility and skills they need to build a worthwhile career.

E-learning is growing quickly. As a result, a lot of learning institutions are implementing it in their curriculum. Trade industries are working hard dot adapt this technology to best suit their needs. As a result, some of the most interesting and innovative approaches to e-learning are occurring in the trade industry.

E-Learning has proven to be great for delivering knowledge and practical skills online. Unlike tradition textbooks, online learning provides a rich multimedia experience. Information and concepts are communicated using audio and video alongside the written word, showing students how a particular process or procedure works. Rather than the student just reading about it, they can see how it is done.

Online learning allows students to tap in anywhere. This is particularly useful for students in more regional areas who are unable to make it to a classroom.

It also allows students to get almost instant feedback. Assessments are usually conducted online and are automatically assessed and marked by the eLearning system. Students get instant feedback.

When the assessment has been successfully completed the system automatically updated the students training plan.

The other benefit of instant feedback is it helps students stay on top of a lot of things. Students can ask questions using an online messaging system. Students don’t need to wait till the next classroom to get answers from a qualified tutor. They can ask a question as soon as they get home from work while it is still fresh.

Most teachers are also working in the field. This means students are able to get advice from professionals who have up to date, first-hand experience in the field and are able to lend their expertise.

For younger apprentices, it can be a big change going from school straight into the workforce. E-learning allows students to continue their studies but also earn money. Because there is no set classroom time, if offers students more flexibility around their study. This flexibility of learning enables students to learn while also working.

This flexibility also offers the opportunity for students to fast track their qualifications. Elearning can save students 2-3 months of going to physical classrooms.

With new technology such as Point-Of-Veiw (POV) glasses, students can show how they do things. This can allow distance mentors to view what the students are doing and provide advice on how to improve. The POV glasses can also be used to capture evidence of compulsory tasks completed by the student.

With the development of tools and technology, elearning provides a great stepping stone for a brighter future for those wanting to achieve their trade qualification.

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