Saving Money

In our last discussion we were talking about how to save money on homeschooling and general eLearning. These are some of the ideas we have found most helpful.

One of the easiest ways is to search online for free homeschooling materials such as games, printable worksheets, and flashcards.

Another way is attending a home school curriculum fair. Its a great way to find new resources, look through materials that interest you, and save money on purchases. It’s also a great way to receive discounts, and save money on shipping.

You can also look for used books and supplies at thrift stores, used book stores, garage sales, and online providers. Go to a library and find out which resources are available at your local library, and which can be obtained through inter library loan.

One final way is to cut down on your communication costs. Homeschooling means that in effective communication becomes a high priority – and a costly one. Cutting down on your communication costs can take some of the financial burden out of homeschooling.

Simple ways to do this are to use online resources such as Skype, email, and, and traditional communication resources such as phone (remember to unlock your phone to avoid global roaming charges) and even the letter.

Don’t forget to set a budget of how much you want to spend on materials before going to shop and make sure to stick to it.

Over time there will be many things you will need to be able to provide your child with everything it needs, just make sure to not confuse needs with things you simply want because they could slightly improve your results. If you are tight with your budget its important to always prioritize and search for cost effective ways to get the items you need.


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    These are some great ideas! Thanks, this blog was a great find.

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