Taking a trip

We have pulled our son from school 4 months ago due to bullying which school did nothing about. We were reading about homeschooling for several months before finally deciding to give it a go, we were sure it will be better for him.
And we were right. Days, weeks and months passed. We bonded, learned a lot together, he even got interested in sports so we signed him up for basketball.

The best part about having him home schooled is that we can take him to off season vacations. He doesn’t only read things without understanding as in school and just writes them down on a test. He experiences them, and by seeing how things work in practice he gets even more interested about learning.

Just lust week we took a trip to Washington and he was learning right under the monument about George Washington and kept asking so many questions about the man. He wanted to know exactly what an ordinary person like Washington dido in his life to be commemorated in such way.
Its one thing seeing pictures and its whole other thing to experience them. Sadly one of such important things is missing from education in schools. We are very happy to be able to spend so much time with our son and learn with him.

Written by Carl & Sarah,
parents who home school their son James with the assistance of an online tutor.


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  1. samantha says:

    This is actually fantastic. I am thinking already a very long time about homeshooling my baby girl and stories like this make me believe it would be a great thing for both of us.

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